Full Feature List

Sketching / Drawing

The user can draw lines of different color using their fingers.  Annotate or visualize topics in multi user sessions.


Utilize your own hand rather than controllers for interaction in VR.

Real finger touch input

Using your own fingers for touch input when operating screens.

Display web content in VR

A browser process that is running along with Athena displays any web-based content in VR.

ProtoPie integration

Values can be sent between ProtoPie Connect and Athena. Pies can be displayed on a screen in VR.

Drag, drop and arrange

We have a modular system for environment and scenario creation.

Create routes

Our sub-modules for creating streets and routes make use of intuitive handles for creating different kind of curves and slopes as well as automatic connection of streets.

VR Comfort mode

For users susceptible to motion sickness, we created a mode that helps reduce motion sickness by implementing visual stimuli described in research papers.

Eye-tracking for Pimax

We created a general purpose abstraction layer for eye-tracking, which allows us to implement other solutions more quickly.

Pre-defined template scenes

We created a general purpose abstraction layer for eye-tracking, which allows us to implement other solutions more quickly.

Environment settings window

Changing time of day, direction of sun, making it snow, or letting it rain are just some of the settings that can be adjusted in the environment settings
window. It allows for a complete customization of the weather and time conditions.

Vehicle settings window

We created a window where the user can customize vehicle parameters, such as steering sensitivity, seat position, deadzones, and much more.

Screen settings window

Customize settings of individual in-VR screens, such as screen size, DPI, aspect ratio, actual content, and much more.

Physic simulation for car

In order to provide realistic vehicle behavior, Athena makes use of a physic simulation library for vehicles.

Slider for time of day

Using the environment settings window, the time of day can be adjusted using continuous values.

User behavior recording

In case of user testings, the in-VR view of the user is being mirrored on the screen. Using a recording software, the behavior can be recorded for later research.

Customer specific packages

Because each customer has their own specific challenges and requirements, custom development extends the Athena base.

OpenXR interface for HMDs

There is a new open standard for XR platforms and devices, namely OpenXR, that we make use of to reduce dependencies.